Kiosk Setup

TelemetryTV Kiosk Setup

Kiosk Interaction Features

TelemetryTV's Kiosk Interaction features enhance user engagement on touchscreen devices, enabling customized interactions with playlist content. Ensure you have a touchscreen device that can double as a display or a touchscreen display with a compatible device attached.

Kiosk Interaction Settings

  1. Navigate to Playlists:

    • Go to Playlists from the left-hand toolbar.
  2. Access Kiosk Interaction Panel:

    • In the "Configuration" tab, locate the Kiosk Interaction settings.

Customization Options

1. Tap Interaction

  • Show Default Page:

    • Tapping stops playlist cycling and displays the Default Page.
    • Useful for switching to important pages with a tap.
  • Pause Playlist:

    • Tapping pauses the playlist on the current page for the specified "Interaction Timeout."
    • Ideal for displaying information for a set duration after interaction.

2. Interaction Timeout

  • Specifies how long the page remains on screen after no interaction with the Default Page.
  • Applicable when "Pause Playlist" is selected as the Tap Interaction.

3. Swipe to Change Pages

  • Enable or disable the ability to swipe left or right to cycle through playlist pages.
  • Can be used simultaneously with tap interaction.

4. Media Zone Swiping

  • Enables swiping through media on a touchscreen display as an interactive slideshow.
  • Applicable to playlist pages with media slideshows.
  • No configuration needed; automatically applies to supported touchscreens.

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