This endpoint will update the metrics sent to it which will update in real time through TelemetryTV's display applications (notably the Boards).

Sending a Single Metric

You will need to make an HTTP POST with an application/json body that contains something like the following.

{"$mymetric": 100}

Where "mymetric" is the name of your metric prepended with the $ sign and 100 is the value to set the metric to.

Sending Multiple Metrics

You can update multiple metrics in a single POST by putting each of the {$key: value} pairs into the POST. Optional parameters will apply to all of the metrics in the submission, unless each metric is sent as a batch.

Multiple metrics with the same parameters applied

{"$customers": 77, "$users":23, "range":20}

This sets the range for both customers and users to 20 and updates each of their values.

Batch submission (differing parameters)

[{"$customers": 77, "range":20}, {"$users":23, "range":30}]

This sets the range of customers to 20 and the users to 30.

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