deviceid:24 Character Unique Device ID
command:"previouspage" Sets device to Previous Playlist slide, . "pause/resume" Pauses or Resumes Playback,
"restart" Restarts TelemetryTV on device,
"identify" Sets device name to appear on screen,
"debug" Toggles the Debug Console on the device
name:Name of webhook
tag:Generated POST URL for webhook
overrideid:24 Character Unique identifier for the override
override_duration:Length of override in seconds
play_override_on:Sets override to play
pause_override_on:Sets override to pause
tag:Generated POST URL for webhook
metricname:Name assigned to Webhook
query:What is queried on the metric. An XPATH argument or key that we will look for in the POST body that contains the data to be sent to the metric
i.e. "value"
tag:Generated POST URL for webhook
key:unique identifier for the metric i.e. "Total_Sales"