Ad Campaigns

TelemetryTV Ad Campaigns Management


This article provides guidance for Customer Success Managers and Account Managers on utilizing TelemetryTV's Ad Campaigns feature. Learn how to create, manage, and extract valuable metrics from your digital advertisements.

Ad Campaigns Overview

TelemetryTV's Ad Campaigns feature offers real-time insights into the display and performance of your advertisement pages across different displays and devices.

Key Information:

  • Display Duration:

    • Real-time information about the duration and location of your advertisements.
  • Total Playbacks:

    • Get insights into the total number of playbacks for your advertisements.
  • Informative Dashboard:

    • Access a comprehensive dashboard or a detailed .csv file for client reporting.

☝️ Note: Ad Campaigns is available on the Standard Plan and above, not accessible on the Starter Plan.

How To:

Creating Ad Campaigns

  1. Click the "Ad Campaigns" icon in the left-hand toolbar.

  2. Navigate to the Ad Campaign dashboard.

  3. Click "Create" to initiate a new campaign and create a Campaign tag as its display name.

  • Note: Multiple Ad Campaigns can be created, and they will be listed on the left-hand panel of the Ad Campaign dashboard.

Adding Pages to an Ad Campaign

  1. Give your Ad Campaign a tag.

  2. Access the Playlist editor by clicking the Playlist icon in the left-hand toolbar.

  3. Add pages to your Ad Campaign by selecting the target page, clicking the Ad icon at the top of the page settings, and choosing the relevant Ad Campaign.

    • Note: Multiple pages from the same playlist can be added to the same Ad Campaign.

    • Toggle on "One at a Time" if you want to track a single piece of media. This option advances the playlist to the next page after displaying one image/video.

Ad Campaign Metrics

  1. Access metrics for an Ad Campaign by clicking the Ad Campaign icon in the left-hand toolbar.

  2. The metrics page provides detailed information about the pages in your Ad Campaign, including display duration, device/screen information, and timestamps.

  • Icons at the top convey global information about the selected Ad Campaign, including the period, total playbacks, total devices involved, and total time elapsed.

  • Detailed information for each Campaign-related page includes timestamp, device, location, page name, playlist, and duration.

Exporting Ad Campaign Metrics

  1. Click the "Export CSV" button in the top-right corner of the Ad Campaign Metrics dashboard.

  2. Exported .csv file includes:

    • Timestamp of log entry

    • Start and end timestamps of page playback

    • Event type (usually playback)

🚨 Important: Ad Campaign data is stored for 3 months within your account. Export and save campaign data at the end of each month. The option to "Export CSV" is available only for the previous month(s).

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